The ultimate guide for Kids friendly Vacation in Maldives with top 3 family friendly resort recommendations

Greetings, fellow adventure lovers! Gather around the campfire (or, in this case, the beach bonfire) and we dive into a tale of Maldive’s cool breezes, crystal clear waters and sand as soft as powdered sugar. That’s right, we just enjoyed our fun, family trip to Maldives! And trust me, this is one story you’ll want to bookmark for your next family vacation.

Reasons to visit Maldives with kids

Now you must be thinking, “Maldives with munchkins?” Oh yes! It is not just a paradise for honeymooners, it is a paradise for kids too! With Mother Nature as the best teacher, your kids will have a front row seat to a real-life geography and marine biology lesson. Who said learning can’t be fun?

Planning Your Maldives Trip – Dates & Resorts

The secret to any successful vacation? A little planning. The Maldives have the best sunshine between November and April – perfect for your family lounging on the beach. Choose a resort that caters to your little VIPs with kiddie pools and fun kiddie club with dedicated kids camps that has variety of activities every day. And of course, a suitcase full of beachwear and sunblock is a must. We’ll get to that later!

We went during early Jan and the weather was perfect. When we were researching resorts with kids our main criteria was to find a resort which has lot of kids activities for younger kids of 2 yo and 7 yo, islands which are secluded but still didnt have to take a seaplanes (it is expensive and also extra travel), and since we were staying there for 5 nights and us being foodies wanted good options for diffrerent restuarants every day. Anantara Dhigu seemed to be satsfying our criteria. Overall our top 3 picks of resorts were :

  1. Anantara Dhigu – has 3 interconnected islands and guests can visit any of them and eat in any of thier restaurants; Even has its own picnic island to eat and snorkel.
  2. Sheraton Maldives – It has abundance of kid-friendly activities, including a vibrant kids’ club and an exhilarating water park, ensuring that children are entertained throughout their stay.
  3. Taj Exotica Resort – Taj Maldives is a haven for families, offering a delightful range of kid-friendly experiences and facilities. From dedicated kids’ clubs to engaging activities such as snorkeling, nature trails, and sandcastle building, children are guaranteed an exciting and enriching stay at this luxury resort.
maldives resort

We picked Anantara mainly because it had epic snorkeling spots across three connected islands, and the best part? They’d give you a free ride there and back! Can’t beat that for an underwater adventure, right?

Visa for Maldives

maldives visa

To obtain an on-arrival visa for the Maldives, simply ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months, and you’ll receive a 30-day visa upon arrival at the Maldives’ international airport. No prior visa application is required, making it convenient and hassle-free for travelers to explore this beautiful island destination. Please visit their website as the process can change.

Our daily routine..

Forget about the word “boredom” when you are in Maldives. Between snorkeling sessions, island picnics, beach games, dolphin cruises and Maldivian craft workshops, there is hardly enough time to breathe! And not to forget the educational tours on marine life flora and feona around the island.

We started our day with beautiful sun rise and little bit of playing in the sand while sipping our morning coffee which our kids loved making in the room. Soon after, we’d get ready and hop on our own bikes to enjoy the breakfast buffet with variety of cuisines – Indian, Asian, Maldivian, Mediterranean and OfCourse continental. Now started our adventure for the day.

maldives beach

The first day, we explored the island while daddy and kids were busy drinking chilled tender coconut and exploring the island the mommy had her trip to the spa. The spa is one of a kind with the glass floor and corals and fishes underneath. In the noon ,we enjoyed our pool in the room and getting our appetites ready for the dinner. For dinner, we hadmade reseravtions in Anantara’s Thai restaurant Baan Huraa. After scrumtous dinner we had a nice moon walk.

Maldives thai food

The second day, like every day started with our morning routine of sand playing, saying hi (or rather scaring) the hermit crabs and this day we decided to take a glass bottom tour along with the kids camp scheduled trip. Got a glimpse of what is it like to snorkel in that place and soon after this educational trip along with a marine teacher on board we were ready for some ice-cream and plunge into the pool in our room. This day our dinner was in another Anantara island’s Italian restaurant Cumin, this was an exciting dinner coz it was kids favorite Italian plus taking a pontoon ride to the restaurant.

The third day, we had booked our exciting snorkeling with Nurse sharks. As much as I told my kids it was going to be okay, I was scared myself but excited at the same time. We went prepared in our snorkeling gears in a speed boat ride for about 45 mins and then the adventure begins. Our 7yo was super excited and we were proud of him to do this. On a hind side I do think it was a bit risky as they attract the sharks by putting in some meat to feed them. Oops, may not do it again! This day our dinner was in our own favorite Fushi cafe in the same island with a buffet option. The kids were very happy about this.

Maldives Snorkeling

The fourth day, we were ready for a tour to the picnic island that had a nice cafe and a dedicated place for snorkeling. This day was scorching hot! We made sure to hydrate enough and the kids enjoyed their chilled coconut water. Hot or rain snorkeling always takes you to another world with fishes. We loved it so much that we thought why we didn’t come there earlier. After a tiring day of snorkeling, we were ready for our dinner. Today was a sushi day at Anantara’s Sushi restaurant Origami

Our last and final day, we loved snorkeling so much that we decided to go back to the picnic island, but to our disappointment this day was too windy, and a red flag was put on for snorkeling. But we still spent good day at the island watching and trying to catch fishes at the shore. When we got back to the resort, we got to know that evening they were playing “Finding Nemo” movie by the pool. So, we got ready kids grabbed the ice cream, mummy and daddy their drink we all took a dunk in the pool and watched the movie there. So, we finished our last day with exciting movie day and repeated the family favorite Italian restaurant.

What to pack for a family trip to Maldives

Packing for Maldives is as easy as building a sandcastle! Think light clothing, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, and lots of sunblock. Oh, and a waterproof camera – you’ll want to capture those amazing moments underwater!

wrap up

If we have to describe our Maldives trip in three words then what? Sun-drenched, eye-opening and full of fun. It is a place where everyday routine is left behind and family bonding comes into the limelight. If your tribe loves a mix of adventure with relaxation, then Maldives could be your next vacation option!


Well, that concludes our Maldives extravaganza! Are you inspired to pack your bags and chase the Maldivian sun? We can’t wait to hear your tropical stories. Stay tuned for more of our family capers. Until next time, remember – the world is a playground, so keep exploring and creating priceless family memories!

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